ID Card Printer

ID Card Printer

If your business, school or college is looking to purchase an ID card printer, we offer a wide range of products for this purpose to suit every budget.

Identification Cards Machine

Identification Cards Machine

Many large organisations choose to purchase their own machine for creating ID cards if they have a lot of new people joining or visiting on a regular basis.

ID Tag Printing

ID Tag Printing

Buying one of these printers is often much more cost effective for big establishments compared with paying a company to make the ID cards for every new person.

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ID Card Printer

An ID card printer is a great product to buy if your organisation regularly has to order the cards. This would save your business time and money because you are able to print them in-house. Custom-made ID-cards can incorporate business logos and also a choice of colours. Those that need to take with them their identification will likely use a lanyard. They can be worn round your neck, wrist or even shoulder. They hold products which include identification badges, keys or even key-rings. To fit you particularly, the design or style can be altered, along with the material that is utilized when making them. Individuals often refer to a lanyard as a neck-strap. They may have various features for example retracting clips or even metal clip-fixing.

If you are interested in this printer product and would like to find out more information about it, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be more than happy to discuss the details of it with you.

What is a ID Card Printer?

An ID card printer can also be referred to as an ID badge printer. It is a product which allows you to create bespoke identification cards and then print them out, just like a normal printer. The machine will have the specialist material in it and then when you are happy with the design, you just print it!

With a printed logo, you may promote your business. By having your logo printed onto the card, people will become more familiar with your commercial brand. The design and specification can be customized to meet your own personal needs and requirements. Customised ID-cards tend to be used in a variety of workplaces and also conference meetings.

ID Card Machines for Small Businesses

If you are a small business, you might be deciding whether to choose to have a printing company make them for you, or if it would be more cost effective for you to buy your own ID-card machine. Purchasing a plastic ID card printing machine means that your company will not have to spend money outsourcing the work to be done. The costs for having someone create a identification design can vary depending on your requirements, this is why it is sometimes easier just to do it yourself. Another reason that small businesses might prefer to make their own is that if you're only ordering a few cards, this will be quite expensive as the printers will charge more money due to the economies of scale. When large corporations order them, they will most likely receive a bulk order discount.

There has been many times when we have heard of people ordering the product from a printing company and then when it has come back there has been spelling and design mistakes. If the mistake is your fault, then you will have to pay again for their service. Whereas if you buy the printing machine, you can practice as much as you want and you will have it ready quicker as you do not need to order, pay and then wait for the delivery.

Our Top ID Printers

Below are three of our most popular products which many businesses choose to have. Take a look at the specifications and details to see which one would be best for you.

Magicard Pronto ID Card Printer

A Magicard Pronto identity-card is one of the best value printers for ID-cards, a lot of companies buy this product either to print for people or to print for themselves. This is because it creates professional looking items which businesses are happy with and it is reasonably small so it can fit on a desk near you.

Key Features:

  • A 2 year warranty to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Perfect for issuing low volumes of cards.
  • Each card can have security added with no additional costs.
  • Excellent value for the price.
  • Lightweight and compact for office use.

IDP Smart 50S Machine

One of the most popular products we offer is the IDP Smart 50S printer, and this can be used for printing any type of plastic card. This includes identity badges, business cards and membership cards. It is simple to use and makes the process very easy for lots of different organisations.

Key Features:

  • Use UV ink to add security to every card.
  • 5 year warranty offered by the manufacturer.
  • Can print up to 200 full colour cards every hour.
  • User friendly and easy set up.

Datacard SD460 Printer

If you're looking for the most secure identity card printer, the Datacard SD460 is a great option. It is one of the newest models offering security for a range of ID badge types.

Key Features:

  • Use Tactile Impression to emboss a logo and reduce the risk of card cloning.
  • 3 year manufacturer warranty.
  • Best for issuing high volumes of cards.

To find out more about the printers which are available for plastic ID card printing just speak to our printing team using the enquiry form on our website.

Plastic ID Card Printing

To meet individual printing spending budgets you will be able to customise the dimensions and style of the plastic ID cards. Various materials could be used to match your needs. Sizes of the plastic cards might be transformed, this includes length and thickness. Lanyards are mainly used to hold ID cards and additionally name badges. Clips are used to hold the identification card in position - these can be modified to accommodate distinct needs and requirements.

Buy Cheap Identification Card Makers

There is a range of identification card printer makers on the market, it just depends what you're looking for and the budget which you have available. Some people will buy cheap card-makers but these normally will not last as long as the high quality products. Therefore, we recommend that if you're going to purchase this type of machine that you look at the product reviews and not just the cost.

ID Card Maker Machine

A card maker machine means that you can have fun designing your own cards for your business. Once you get the hang of designing them, the process will be simple. When new members join your team, you will most likely have a badge template set up, so it's just the case of printing them.

Identification Cards UK Costs

There is no set costs for identification cards, as a range of things have to be taken into consideration. The things which you have to consider include the design, size, the detail you want include, the badge material and the amount of cards which you're going to order. If your business orders a large number of cards, then the cost per card will reduce because it is a bulk order.

Other Lanyards We Offer

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