Customised Lanyards

Customised Lanyards

Our company are able to provide you with a number of customised lanyards in order to suit individual requirements.

Custom Lanyards for Businesses

Custom Lanyards for Businesses

Custom lanyards for businesses are very popular across the UK, as they help to promote the business and can be supplied in any colour.

Customizable lanyard

Customizable lanyard

If you would like to purchase a customizable lanyard, we have a range of options available for you.

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Custom Lanyards to Buy

Custom lanyards to buy can be hard to find. However at Cool Lanyards we can supply customised neck-straps and plain neck-straps. We provide a number of custom made neck-straps throughout the UK. These are often bought by large corporate companies in order to promote their business, however a large number of individuals also want their very own bespoke lanyard.

You might also find the customizable products being referred to as cords, neck-straps, wrist ropes in addition to shoulder ropes. Many people could also think of neck-straps as being stylish, especially those which have been customised. They may also be used to hang name cards; this tends to be usual for events including shows, and also healthcare centres such as the NHS. Custom neck-straps allow you to add your own logo or text making them much more unique. If you are interested in customizable neck straps make sure to fill in our contact box which is displayed on this page. 

Customizable Corporate Lanyards

You are able to advertise your organisation using customized neck-straps, since you can get your own logo branded on it. By having your customized logo printed onto them, people will get more familiar with your commercial brand. We can customise the design and specification of the strap in order to match your individual requirements and needs. Bespoke neck straps are generally used in festivals in England, and also business conferences.

Should you want your business's logo on the strap, we will design customized lanyards which enable you to decide on certain designs and colours too. Some prefer rope material to be a basic single colour where others brand the string line. They often come with a safety breakaway that if force is applied, the customised lanyard will break away from round the neck. The breakaway is an important component since it keeps you safe from any harm in the event you fall and then get the lanyard caught on something.

What is a Lanyard?

A lanyard is a strap of material around your neck, shoulder or wrist, which can be attached to various items using the retractable clips. They are widely utilized to hold identification cards. They may also hold name badges, keys along with other things. These can range in style, materials and also design based on how you're planning to use them. People generally make reference to our products as a neck-strap. We're able to include things onto our products including retractable clips.

Custom lanyards are very popular in the UK, as they can be used for so many different purposes. It is most common for neck-straps to be used for holding ID cards and name badges, especially in conferences, schools and trade shows. This allows the user to carry their identification with them without having to worry about losing it. We can provide you with more information about customised neck straps in once we receive your enquiry. Just fill in the contact form to get in contact with us about our customizable products!

Bespoke Neck Straps

To match specific budgets we are able to change the dimensions and design of our customised lanyards making a more bespoke product. Different materials can be used to suit, from inexpensive straps to high quality customised branded lanyards. It is possible to customize the size, together with the thickness. The most common colours for them tend to be blue, green, red, white, yellow and black. Custom neck-straps are very popular, as they can become more unique to you. We can provide customizable lanyard printing, as well as a range of other services to create the bespoke neck-straps.

They are mostly used to hold identity cards in addition to name badges. The plastic card case is attached to the strap with various clips which may additionally be made to accommodate different budgets. Custom lanyards are also items to a number of products in the UK including mobile phone devices, video cameras as well as USB devices. They're meant to avoid dropping or loss and tend to be wrist straps for these goods.

Customised Lanyards No Minimum Order

Although customised lanyards with no minimum order are available, these tend to cost considerably more when compare to buying a large amount of neck or wrist straps. The cost of neck straps varies based on a variety of elements, like the amount that you are ordering. Should you buy 1000, this'll be cheaper per lanyard as compared to ordering 25. If you'd like to make the cost for each less pricey, you will need to order more at one time. Considering that academic institutions often purchase a large amount of both plain and customized products, the cost per lanyard will generally be very cheap for them. 

Custom lanyards to buy also tend to cost more than plain neck-straps. We're able to help you keep the costs down, whilst still providing you with a high quality product. If you require more information on the prices of the custom lanyards which we supply, please fill in our enquiry form. We will get back to you as soon as we can with additional information and a quote. 

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